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couple1Head Over Heels NYC is a Personalized Matchmaking Company designed to find you a match based on your personal search criteria. We listen to your needs and wants such as chemistry, religion, finances, family and more. As a client, we personally screen any matches we have for you prior to you meeting them. This helps you save time and money on incompatible matches you might choose for yourself when using online dating websites. Because we know our clients personally, we eliminate endless dates with people who are dishonest about who they are and what they are looking for. Our database is for our company’s use only. Your personal information and pictures will not be shared with anyone without your consent. We work with single professionals looking for a Love Match. All of our clientele are interviewed personally through us. Contact us to set up an appointment on how to become a client. We can discuss the difference betcouple2ween being a candidate on our database and being a featured client where the searching is done selectively for you.

About the Match Makers:
Angela and Joanna met at a mutual friends engagement party in December 2012. When talking about our everyday jobs, we asked one another what our passion in life was. Simultaneously, we both answered “I want to be a matchmaker!” Noticing that this isn’t an everyday answer, we decided to keep in contact and make sure that we would be able to make love happen for people. In Mid-January, we decided to open Head Over Heels NYC and the rest is history. The reason why we decided to get into this field is because we love love and want everyone to experience the same feeling.  We take the time to meet you individually and go over the needs you have when looking for a partner.

***Shortly after opening Head Over Heels NYC, Joanna received a job offer in Philadelphia that she couldn’t pass up. Along with her husband, they made a decision to move. We wish them both the best of luck. ***


    • by admin on November 24, 2014  4:56 pm Reply

      Hello Natalie,

      I believe we have spoken already .. I am not limited to NY, however most of my clients are based out of NY. Looking to expand in the future.

  1. by Sara Yanovsky on February 10, 2015  4:23 pm Reply

    Hi my name is Sara and yes I would like to speak to that person who contact me on Facebook and her name is Angie B Love Znakomvsta and before I start I would like to ask you some questions and I will start ok. thank you.

    • by admin on October 7, 2015  2:37 am Reply

      Hi Sara,

      How are you? Im not sure if anyone got back to you. Some of the emails went into a spam folder.

      Angie B

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