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  1. Jackie

    June 20, 2013

    So thankful that I met Angela Beider...Headoverheelsnyc was the greatest blessing for me!! I was always so skeptical of "matchmaking services" but I have to say, Angela really made this process comfortable and easy. She matched me with my boyfriend of a year now and couldn't be happier... Thank you HeadOverHeelsNYC!!!

  2. Scott T.

    September 11, 2013

    I wanted to write this testimonial because I didn't believe things like this really worked out. I had signed up for a 3-month membership with Angela in March. I had my reservations because I have used another service in the past that sent me on endless dates and I didn't have a connection with any of the girls. I don't have a problem getting girls but the quality was just not what I was looking for. After my first interview, I had an open mind and became hopeful that I may find the right partner. The first girl I was set up with was a good match for me but still the spark was missing. I met with Angela again and we talked about the pros and cons of the first date. I believe she really understood what I was looking for because she hit the nail on the head with Sharon. She is everything I have been looking for and a bag of chips, lol. We have been dating since our first date and know without a doubt that she is the ONE for me. We are a perfect match, our families like each other and all of the pre-requisites I asked for, were met. I highly recommend using this company.

  3. Eugene

    November 24, 2014

    Dear Angela,

    I wanted to say thank you so much and to let everyone know that I really appreciate you helping me. I had alot of bad luck using jdate and didnt like the girls playing games and wasting my time. I am always busy and I didnt have time meeting 5 girls a night. Thank you for matching me with Michella. So far, everything is very good!!


  4. admin

    November 24, 2014

    You can write another one ...

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